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Alt + Q Switch Tabs Keyboard Shortcut for Google Chrome

Very easy way to switch between two open tabs. Just press Alt + Q. All you have to do is install this extension:


Seeking cloud Virtual Machine users Compensation: $150.00

Do you work in cloud cloud computing and have VM experience? The Microsoft Azure team is looking to speak with users about a new Azure networking feature and collect feedback that will help influence the feature before it is released to the public.

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Seeking those responsible for managing customer communication channels Compensation: $100.00

We’re looking to speak with professionals responsible for managing multiple communication channels (e.g. email, SMS, push) to converse with customers. Specifically, those who have evaluated, purchased, and implemented “integrated suites” or “best of breed” solutions.

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Fedora 29: switch from suspend to hibernate automatically

Jan wrote the excellent blog post Hibernate after suspend (on Fedora) that is still fully applicable to Fedora 29. Follow the instructions to have your laptop switch from suspend to hibernate automatically after 30 minutes. Very useful if normally you just close your lid to suspend and then open the lid again within 30 minutes.

But what if not? Then your battery would just drain down. Better to send it to hibernation after 30 minutes.

The best Xfce distros

Want to test some of the Xfce flagships? Here they are. It used to be Xubuntu but nowadays great spins of Xfce are available from Manjaro, Linux Mint, and Fedora.

If you want to try some nichy distros, then go ahead with Arch, Salix (Slackware), Xebian or Devuan (Debian) or MX Linux.

Source: Reddit

Talk with us about your global sourcing experience $100.00 / 60 minute(s)

We’re a world scale B2B platform with hundreds of thousands of buyers and suppliers. We’d like to work with you to provide better marketplace for global sourcing.Talk with us about how do you do and what do you want when sourcing globally.

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Understanding testing practices in software teams $130.00 / 60 minute(s)

We’re seeking to understand how software teams go about testing the quality of their products and the tools they use. During this session, we would ask you about your role, your team, how you do testing on a day to day basis. And with your consent, we would like to see how you use the tools.

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Learn entertaining Australian English

Unmade.fm great podcast to listen to two guys speaking in their Australian English in a very entertaining way. Totally recommendable!

Seeking data science professionals to take ~20 minute survey $35.00 / 20 minute(s)

We’re looking for data science professionals to tell us about what they do, the tools they use, and to provide feedback on related product features. You should have a good understanding of the overall data science process at your company.

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Seeking individuals who currently use a CMS at work $30.00 / 15 minute(s)

What are the most and least important features of a CMS when it comes to your organization’s marketing efforts? Join our study to share your input on content management systems and how you’d like to see these tools evolve.

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Promising ETFs to track more closely

The below are showing a positive rate for the last weeks.

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