How we may want to treat our body

In a previous article, Jonas shared a lens that looks at personal wellbeing from the perspective of six different attributes, called “The six colours of happiness”. In this article, I want to share my personal view on one of these being physical health, or simply “Body”.

A good state of our physical body is an important condition for our overall wellbeing. Thus, the central question for me that I keep exploring is the following: “How can we treat our body well so that it allows us to do those things that contribute to a good life?”

For me, it begins with a daily practice of reflection. In financial accounting they use the term “closing the books” for the practice of performing an annual review of wins and losses. Which actions did contribute positively to the balance sheet and which one did contribute negatively?

I try to apply this exact same practice every day to look back at my practices. For my body this means to reflect on what habits and behaviours influenced my body in a positive or negative way.

There is a few I identified that I find particularly worth sharing.

Number one is eating. In my experience, eating more slowly and more simple both treat my body positively. Slowly means that I take more time for my meals. This is easily achieved by eating with chopsticks. Eating more simple means that I try to mix less flavours together. For instance, when eating bread, I avoid butter, many different layers of spreads, and sometimes just eat the bread in its purity. I call this flavoured simplicity.

Number two is workout. Each morning I spend 15 minutes doing two physical exercises: push-ups and a modified version of sit-ups. I finish my workout with stretchings for my upper body and my legs. I noticed how this workout adds positively to a good constitution of my body, allowing me to pursue and fulfill my daily goals.

Number three is resting and sleep. Something I still struggle with. Although I am clearly aware of the tremendously negative feeling of a lack of rest and sleep and the very nice feeling of enough of both, I still take too little action in my daily life to free up sufficient time for it. I increasingly try to just take a rest of 15 minutes whenever my body calls for it. You may notice how important it is to always keep listening to your body.

Number four is walking. I used to by cycling enthusiast. But cycling was only a replacement for workout. It cannot substitute walking. The experience of walking is different. I observe how it allows my body to calm down, gradually accustoming to its changing environment. Walking helps me to anchor with the earth through the physical movement of my body.


Sharing the upcoming Food Waste Challenge

My dear friend Joris Depouillon from @FSENetwork kindly asked me to invite you all to the upcoming Food Waste Challenge which takes place in Amsterdam on 10.02.2016. I know Joris and I know the FSENetwork. They are great! So, if your passion lies in fighting food waste and you have an entrepreneurial attitude, do not miss out on this great opportunity!

For more information visit the Website or look at the event on Facebook.